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BMW X5 M y X6 M Reviews


Outwardly, BMW X5 / X6 M are distinguished from their brethren in range by adopting more bulky bumpers, in the case of the front also has prominent air intakes for better ventilation. Ahead you can also see a new grille painted in black and redesigned mirrors; while, at the rear, the most striking are the twin exhaust outlets. No less striking is footwear chosen for the occasion. Spectacular mounted on 20 "wheels in the front and 285/40 rubber giant 325/35 behind are used; optionally, also be mounted wheels 21.”


Although it has the same internal dimensions and its design is very similar, the 4.4-liter V8 twin-turbo powered encouraging these versions is not an evolution of that was mounted on the X5 M and X6 M of the previous generation. In this case, the V8 is used which is used in the M5 and M6 slightly modified, since it is much more efficient. 575 hp declare, which would earn 20 hp and 7.1 mkg regarding the mechanics that was used in the previous generation; also declare 15 hp more than the M5 and M6. The gearbox also has nothing to do with the used in the previous X5 M and X6 M; in this case not only has eight gears instead of six, is also faster insertions and blocks all gears to avoid losses from sliding. Traction is permanent total and for a more dynamic behavior, is the rear end which receives a proportion of higher torque. It seems logical that electronic aids play a key role in driving devices such power and weight.


and is that benefits are absolutely stunning. Both the X5 M and X6 M an acceleration of 0-100 km / h in 4.2 sec, half a second less than their predecessors, while top speed is limited in both cases to 250 km / h is announced. But if the services have improved, so with fuel consumption, which in combined cycle is reduced from 13.9 to 11.1 liters / 100 km.

Logically, the suspensions were caught up in circumstances and for it receive more drops in the front end, 'silent blocks' stiffer and has also been reduced hull height 10 mm. At the front stiffer springs are mounted, while the pneumatic rear columns have a firmer moron, just like the electronically controlled dampers, although these have three programs hardness to choose: Comfort, Sport and Sport +. With the brakes and something happens to this huge ventilated discs on both trains and six-piston calipers on the front axle are mounted.


what impresses at the controls of these two 'giants' is its extraordinary dynamism, capacity and ease fabulous offering to roll at breakneck speeds. The most surprising thing is that at the controls, the sense of speed is much lower than real.

Overtaking is performed with astonishing ease and without realizing we are running at a much higher than other vehicles with which we share the road pace. And all with a sense of total power. No less striking is the ease with which they approach turns these two SUV; although the weight is about 2,400 kg in running order, either one or the other are capable of binding curves with amazing efficiency at a very fast pace, relax and trust. Reaching the limit is not easy, they go very subject to the road and only when forced much things a slight under steer to calm the driver is appreciated. The brakes perfectly fulfill their mission, are very powerful and in the course of presenting evidence, not too demanding, not present at any time fatigue symptoms. To get an idea of the real possibilities offered by these versions, suffice to say that demanding, was able to break with the X5 M get logged at the time the previous generation M3. Seeing believes.


The price of the X5 M is € 136,900 and € 3,000 more if you choose the X6 M, very large quantities, but in line with what they offer their main rivals. Taking into account that cost almost twice the 3.0d engine models, it is clear that, unless we over much money, does not have much logic purchase such creations.
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